Local 861 Leadership

Your Local Union Team:

Jeff Sanders – Business Manager and Financial Secretary
Lance Corner – President and Lead Organizer
Janet Miller – Office Administrator
Jennifer Bernat – Administrative Assistant

Jeff Sanders

image Corner

Lance Corner

Janet Miller

Jen image

Jennifer Bernat

Officers:      Jeff Sanders, Business Manager & Financial Secretary, Arnold Hinton Vice President ,Mike Jones, Treasurer Lance Corner, President and Lead Organizer , Jesse Fontenot Recording Secretary  and Organizer Executive Board:  Greg Hulin, Jesse Coltrin, Marc Deville, Alvin LeDoux, Terry Mudd, and  Chris Franklin,  Pension Plan Trustees: Union Trustees  , Mike Jones, Jeff Sanders, Lance Corner, Employer Trustees Clyde Conner Earl “Boo” Oquinn III Daniel Jones Jeff Stark Board of Directors of L. C. Elec. Workers Assn.  John Stephens.  Hubert Rasch Examining Board Perry Benoit, Alton Young, Earl Arnold, Mary Tijerina